Landlord Information Statement Acknowledgement

Landlord Information Statement Acknowledgement

The landlord acknowledges that at, or before the time of signing the residential tenancy agreement that the landlord has read and understood the contents of the landlord Information Statement published by NSW Fair Trading that sets out the landlord’s rights and obligations.

The landlord provides the following information on Minimum Standards, Health Issues, Smoke Alarms, Other Safety Issues, Communication Facilities, Water Usage Charging and Efficiency to Rosalie Douglas Real Estate and instructs the agent to complete the Condition Report using this information.

If you instruct Rosalie Douglas Real Estate to engage the services of a licensed contractor(s), to ensure your property complies with this legislation, the required information on the Condition Report will be completed based on the information provided by the contractor(s).

Please note:

Rosalie Douglas Real Estate advises that they are not qualified to assess the structural aspects of areas, including but not limited to, floors, ceilings, walls, supporting structures (including foundations) doors, windows, roof (including if there is water penetration) stairs, balconies, balustrades and railings, significant dampness, smoke alarms, pests (ie. termites), asbestos, swimming pool safety barriers (and associated fittings) comply and operate in accordance with applicable building/council codes and/or laws and regulations.

Our inspections do not include the moving of furniture, lifting of floor coverings, inspecting the interior of roof spaces or under flooring.

Rosalie Douglas Real Estate recommends that all landlords have regular inspections carried out by suitably qualified licensed and insured contractors and experts in the appropriate area when necessary.

Rosalie Douglas Real Estate also recommends that all landlords hold adequate insurance, including landlord insurance.

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